Himakerlearning and research integration, online and offline integration
Venture capital

Innovation investment is the initial component of Interaction Innovation World that subordinates to Jilin Animation Culture and Art Group. Innovation investment mainly provides targeted and planned services for innovation and entrepreneurship projects in the field of cultural innovation in three aspects: project, prospect and position. For innovation and entrepreneurship projects in animation, cartoon, film and television, games and design, Jilin Animation Art Group will provide excellent projects with innovation and entrepreneurship related services, help cultivate projects and establish independent brands by making full use of Jilin Animation Institute’s advantage in “study-research-production” and integrating academic resources, industrial resources and social resources.


In terms of projects, Interaction Innovation World finds and looks for outstanding cultural and creative innovation and entrepreneurship projects by virtue of its own platform, independent cultivation and multi-channel cooperation. It helps incubate and promote entrepreneurial brands through its online and offline platforms. The "Internet +" innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students in Jilin province and the innovation and entrepreneurship project exhibition of Jilin Animation Institute, which are supported by the service provided by Interaction Innovation World platform, are all concrete manifestations of the project.


In terms of space prospect, Interaction Innovation World brand has established creation plus service platform, innovation and entrepreneurship resources such as creation plus maker space, enterprise service, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial projects, mentors, investors, etc. Therefore, the brand has build up a intelligent operation service platform that allows online and offline service supplier resource to be introduced according to our demand.


In terms of positions, Interaction Innovation World has launched its unique talent service. Companies can register and post positions through Interaction Innovation World APP or PC terminal, and users can upload personal resume information through the platform. In addition, Jilin provincial department of education, Jilin provincial department of human resources and social security, and Jilin animation institute will organize online job fair channel to accomplish job fair through online and offline works.