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Brief Introduction to Creative Cartoon Work Comics Creative Workshop Explore the Boundaries and Future of Extreme IP

The comics creative workshop was founded in October 2018 by JAI Cultural Arts Group and Jilin Animation Institute,as a first-class original comics IP platform in China, the training platform,the incubation platform,investment platform, comics creative workshop, rooted in the fields of comics IP creating, mining, cultivating, trading, developing, operating, incubating and transforming, focusing on the integration with artificial intelligence & big data, consumption upgrade, education, cultural entertainment, enterprise services and other platforms. It will continue to explore and innovate to build an all-round ecological IP incubation service platform that integrates IP construction, financial support, resource links and after-investment services.

At present, comics creative workshop has more than 50 original comics IP projects and more than 100 incubated projects. Comics creative workshop has its own comics reading platform "Sanwei comics", and has established a comics reading alliance with other comics reading platform. Comics creative workshop has exclusive contracts with more than 500 IP agents, and has established cooperation with top enterprises in film and television, game, design, publishing and other fields, forming an original IP incubation platform.

Incubation Fields

Comics creative workshop is based on the fields of IP creation, IP training, IP operation, and IP transformation. It includes IP projects, creation team, IP platform, IP operation, IP trading, etc.

Incubation Objects

Comics creative workshop incubates the top entrepreneurial talents in China's comics field, including creators, constructors, operators and other personnel of the whole system. They not only have deep accumulation in the professional field, familiar with the construction of the professional field, but also have excellent entrepreneur quality.

Incubation Ways

Comics creative workshop can provide incubation objects with IP training, IP operation, capital investment, resource docking and other all-round incubation services.

Cartoon creative workshop incubation funds are from top IP investors, including top professional investment institutions and strategic investors, as well as the resource side of IP incubation. The mentor team of comics creative workshop is world-class industry masters, who are willing to provide strong support for the incubation objects; comics creative workshop gathers the resources of world-class animation, film and television, games, publishing and other companies to jointly incubate IP and build a world-class startup company.

Incubation Ways

Comics creative workshop aims to assist entrepreneurs in the field of comics to create world-class comics IP and maximize the realization of entrepreneurial dreams through comprehensive support, high-end services, global vision and resources; At the same time, we look forward to working together with international comics IP creators, entrepreneurs, investors, governments and enterprises to create a healthy and benign comics IP incubation and entrepreneurial ecology.