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Chinese Style

Strange Tales-Gramophone

Damu opens a small vehicle repair shop, and a strange man comes to repair his car. The antique-loving Damu buys a gramophone on the antiques stand. He is curious to test all kinds of scratches with the singing needle and hears the hidden sound in the scratch. Later, while working, Damu finds some scratches in the car sent by the strange man, and a recording of the murder scene, and even sees a dead pregnant woman appearing in the car. Damu is also killed by the same murderer and his death reveals the truth of the woman dying indirectly.

Family Events

Family events, funny stories, love embarrassments, baby growth moments and so on, different families have different family culture.

Four Saints' Biography

As the legend said, there are four pillars in the world. These four pillars support the sky. If the pillars are taken away, the sky will collapse, which will cause great disaster. Legend has it that four spiritual monkeys correspond to the four pillars respectively. They all know the truth of the four pillars and can take them away. At that time, Buddhism's influence in Central Plains was far less than Taoism's. Buddhism makes a huge plan. Everyone is a chess piece with his own role, and ultimately contributes to the journey to obtain Buddhist scriptures in the West.


After the crazy global nuclear explosion, the world is left in ruins. All things are reborn, the world is rebuilding, and the human race has returned to the era of cold weapons. This is a world without spiritual beliefs. There’s no magic, fantasy plots, and fist, meat, food and women are what just winners can have.


Witch night, Cassandra is induced to accept the black magic book, and the same day tutor Angelina was burned to death by the townspeople under the angel statue.Cassandra and Alili feel guilty, and escape overnight. In the Black Death village, the villagers in fear sacrifice a large number of innocent young girls.Cassandra and Alili are powerless to save the people and began to crave strength. Cassandra and Alili try to save the whole village, and they find the existence of demons.Cassandra think the demon can give her strength, so she signs a contract with the demon and gains strength. She wish the resurgence of the tutor, but she finds that everything is a trap set by the tutor for immortality. Cassandra loses the survival will, and Alili tells her to live for herself. They escape and time countdown is finished. World time restarts.

Eye of Kronos

Many people think that the medieval Black Death and the ensuing witch trial is a contradiction between the church, bloodsuckers and witches. The witch, who has known that demons place obstacles in the way, asks for the power of demons to resurrect their mentor who has died in the judgment. But everything is a mentor's swindle, locking the souls of a group of students in the time gap made by the Demons, and constantly supplying the Demons to complete her revenge plan.

The Killer Not Retired

This is a story about a retired killer who is forced to return to his business due to some reasons, following a series of absurd stories. This story is inspired by the series "BoJack Horseman". It promotes the spirit of independence, and the positive attitude of free thought.

The secret of God

Irene, the leading actor, is a "Freak" in her own Polis. It should have been chosen at the right age to serve the local Mountain Gods. She escapes with her own machinery and equipment, and she also takes way the relics that God left behind. In fact, there is a "Secret of God" in the relics. In the process of escaping, Irene sees other different human beings and various monsters, but she survives with her own wisdom. The mountain gods in the above rewards for capturing her. In her escape, Irene is protected by a small group who claim to break the "Secret of God" and overthrow the tyranny established by the gods.

Ghost legal medical expert

Legal medical expert Malcolm was on vacation, and an accident on the cruise ship happened. Because of the death messenger delay, Malcolm endured more than 70 hours of suffocation pain, but could not die. He was squeezed in the small dark cabin, suffering extreme pain. But death did not come after all, and he and death integrated into one. He became the messenger of death to lead people.

Japanese and Korean Style

Otaku’s Troubles for Love

Xia Fan, an ordinary high school student, is a super female otaku who likes animation and game comics. After she found her boyfriend to cheat on by chance in a sports class, a series of misunderstandings happened in this love comedy.

Deadly Fans Lines

"Hand over your soul and you will have millions of fans, and become online celebrity. You will own popularity and money in a moment. However, the soul is sold in exchange for attention, and then if the number of fans decreases, you must make up for it with your body." Xiao Qing, an ordinary young office staff, accidentally becomes the host of an online celebrity micro-blog "Ghostdom Warder" in a lucky draw. From then on, he takes the responsibility of running this micro-blog, but this job is not as simple as it appears. Once "Ghostdom Warder" loses fans, Xiao will face real and cruel punishment.

Strange Thoughts on human beings

Strange ideas, thoughts from the heart make people crazy, and will often cause different kinds of terrible human tragedies if you put them into practice. Rich young lady Lisa wanted to marry “Phoenix man” Feng, but he didn’t give up Shasha, his ex-girlfriend. Feng made out an excellent plan. He sealed his ex-girlfriend Shasha into the mattress! So, he slept with his new wife, Lisa, and his ex-girlfriend, Shasha, on the one bed.

Flirting with Girls Club

Zhang Wenzhe, an unsociable high school boy, is drawn into the extracurricular activities by his outgoing and rebellious childhood friend and the popular girl of the same grade, Gao qi. Gaoqi, who enjoys making friends and playing tricks on Wenzhe, launches her plan for a double purpose. She recruits boys who have common tastes like Wenzhe and establishes a social club. Since then along with various kinds of crappy actions of "flirting with girls”, the funny stories of these strange boys and Gao Qi’s journey of expanding her backup team start.

Prison Fairy Doom

Human wars are frequent and violent, leading to monsters in power. In order to eliminate the evils and keep the security of human being, several monster-destroying masters jointly create "monster-destroying alliance". Xuan Yilou, the last disciple in this alliance, whose parents were killed by monsters when he was a child, vowed to avenge their families. He met a strange monster-destroying master Shui Xuan, and they became close friends after the experience of life and death. They set foot on the journey of destroying monsters, however, Yilou gradually found that there’s a huge secret hidden behind Shui Xuan. At the same time, the alliance was besieged by monsters, and the secrets of Yilou also was gradually revealed.

Killing Candle

Teachers at an experimental primary school died mysteriously one after another. There is a rumor in the school, "Alittle ghost in uniform, holding a blank paper, is demandingone’s life."Not long ago, a reporter exposed that Yue Tong, a little girl who studied at this primary school, had been sexually assaulted in the school. After learning that, psychologist Xia Nan thought of her own childhood experience. Xia Nan decided to help 12-year-old Yue Tong repair her psychological trauma and gave her a "mature personality" to protect herself. But Yue Tong with a mature mind decided to personally punish the teachers who let her experience pain.

Demonizing Model Legend

Ugly duckling can become a white swan, and can IT migrant worker thoroughly remould himself? The leading role, with perfect figure scale, has nothing to do with fashion, however, he enters top-class fashionable brand by accident, and become a model. For family, for oneself, also for this unexpected job, he works seriously, and changes himself from the workplace pure rookie into the darling of the fashion industry.

The Royal Dessert House

In order to set up a world-class dessert production team, the Kafidaier company decided to hold the dessert division competition -- "Kafidaier Competition". He Yueyan is the second daughter of Kafidaier company, because there is no talent to do dessert since childhood, she decided to recruit a cooperative team to participate in the competition to prove herself. She stumbled into a shabby dessert house, and met Xu Ke. She found Xu Ke's desserts were super delicious, better than the skills of her family’s dessert chef. So He Yueyan asked Xu Ke to participate in the competition, and then the story began.

This Guy Ate My Peach Blossom

Ten years ago, a famine is triggered by several exotic emotion-eating beasts, who wantonly plunder the food source. It resulted in the death of many emotion eating beasts in F city and emotional apathy of most people. Qi Zhe's parents were one of the victims. Qi Zhe's father abandoned his wife and children because he was love-struck by the bigemotion-eating beast. He left H city and never came back, while his mother was also drained of emotions and was busy with work all day long, regardless of the family. Qi Zhe was very eager for other people's feelings because he lacked the love and care of his parents. So when Yan Kai asked him for help, he took her in.She was always around Qi Zhe who was rich in emotion and she lived by taking Qi Zhe's love. Ten years later, Qin Shu, a big emotion-eating beast, broke the peace of H city and started the competition for food source around Qi Zhe.