Intellectual PropertyIP Agglomeration, User Value, Platform Operation

Introduction to Samadhi APP

Samadhi Comics is a young mobile comic platform in China. Relying on the animation media website, MAN,
It has rich animation resources and creative power, and has in-depth cooperation with more than 40 secondary media.

The goal of Samadhi Comics is to be an original mobile comic brand. By designing a more humane reading mode and interactive environment, Samadhi Comics can provide users with innovative reading experience on the mobile side, so that users can love reading and enjoy reading.

Introduction of WAN

WAN is a network platform which combines creative cultural content with digital entertainment experience. Founded in 2008, it is the largest Internet integrated service provider in China's animation industry, and also one of the animation media communication platforms with high credibility and high visibility in China's animation industry.
With advanced marketing solutions for animation brand management, animation domain can maximize the communication and value promotion of partners'brands and products, and make the brand stand out from the encirclement. The animation domain also integrates advanced Internet technology, adopts leading technology framework, and launches the first domestic animation industry search engine. It is the first news media in the animation industry to provide animation live video broadcasting and interactive reporting services.

Introduction of New Media Side

Samadhi Animation Wechat Public Number:
Sanwu Animation Wechat Public Platform is the official platform of Sanwu Animation Design Co., Ltd. It operates on original cartoons, exclusive interviews, cartoon evaluation, campus essays, anecdotes, popular information, peripheral derivatives and so on. In addition, you can make friends here who share the same interests and hobbies.

WAN Wechat Public Number:
The public platform of WAN Wechat is the official platform of WAN. Its operation scope includes: relevant content of animation, information, articles, exclusive interviews with original cartoons, original articles and so on. It is comprehensive, timely and authoritative.

Samadhi Animation Weibo:
Sanwu Animation Weibo is the official Weibo account of Sanwu Animation Design Co., Ltd. Its operation scope includes original cartoons, related activities and cartoons related content. It has the characteristics of fast updating speed and high content quality.

WAN microblog:
The micro-blog account of MAN is the official micro-blog account of MAN. Its operation scope includes: animation exhibition information, related activities, animation-related information, MAN-related activities, original articles, interesting paragraphs, etc. It has the characteristics of rich information, strong interaction and interesting.


Introduction to Jimo Friends Program

Explore, cultivate, gather animation, film and television, games, publishing, audio and other fields of high-quality original IP, expand the "Jimo friends" industry platform, so as to achieve IP agglomeration, improve IP incubation rate. The annual cooperation IP of "Jimo Friends Program" is no less than 100, cooperating with various business groups of the group, expanding the platform and cooperating with mutual venture groups, and adding no less than 50 new enterprises each year.

Introduction of Supernova Project

Through the Supernova Competition to select high-quality original IP, and the cartoon creative workshop project module cooperation, to create the largest Cartoon Competition in the Chinese-speaking region, gathering IP, annual selection, cooperation IP is no less than 50.

Dimensional Introduction

"Ji Diyuan" is a joint creation of Baidu Video and Jilin Jidong Jidong Culture and Art Group Cartoon Business Group. Based on Baidu Video, four product systems, namely, reading products, functional products, derivatives and teaching products, are built. The system is based on 10 modules, such as cartoon reading, cartoon sketch, cartoon teaching and audio cartoon. The goal is to focus on users from post-95-00 and third-party perspectives. Dimensional section of group.
At present, Baidu Video has TV series, movies, variety shows, animation, cartoons, funny, stars, satellite TV, sketches, revealing secrets, military, music, tourism, sports, food, watching Europe and the United States and other classified content sections, among which the animation section is more than teenagers animation video module, animation for parents and children animation video module. Baidu Video and Jilin Jidong Jidong Culture and Art Group Cartoon Business Group jointly launched a new section, which is based on the user's broken dimension attributes, positioned as "the second dimension". First, it shows the target user group, but reasonable separation with Baidu Video existing modules.