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Microcosm Animation Living Platform

Microcosm Animation Living Platform (MALP) is the only one platform in the world which provide personalized, familial, socialized, folkloric, entertaining, internationalized “Internet + Creative” public platform. MALP breakthrough technology and professional barriersreduce the difficult of animation creation. People can use MALP to make 3D animation film according to their preference. In MALP, people can use mobile phone’s camera to set up personal 3D virtual character, though expression capture system and action editing to fulfill 3D character animation. It including in many model base, action base, and sound base to produce personalized animation works. People can also set up virtual scene in the real environment. People can use voice to control the virtual character, let the model move easily. Turn the making animation into shooting animation, and lead the fashion new life with science and technology.

MAPL not only provides unique UGC tools and sharing communities, but also provides technical services to partners through the SDK. One-click creating, easy editing, happy sharing.