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Galaxy Train Cinema Introduction

The Galaxy Train Cinema is the first theme theater in Changchun created by the Jiyun Culture and Art Group. Located in the core area of ​​Changchun City, Jilin Province, the theater covers an area of ​​2,800 square meters. It is a gathering place and development center integrating culture, fashion and technology. It aims to provide audiences with high-level viewing experience and new technology experience. Become a new bright spot in people's cultural and entertainment life.

The design style of the universe and trains makes the theater full of science and technology, and uses holographic images, VR/AR and other modern technologies in design. The design of the VIP lounge mode in the capsule mode makes it possible to experience the feeling of being in the universe.

The theater has a total of 8 viewing halls: the Dolby Panoramic Sound Laser Hall, which is surrounded by powerful sound effects; a fun and fun children's movie room for big and small children to showcase outstanding anime films; a luxurious Chivas sofa VIP movie theater with stylish style A comfortable, bursting, cushioning massage chair studio that finds comfort and relaxation in a fast-paced life and work.

Galaxy Train Cinema uses the dual-core driving force of “inside exhibition” + “extension”, using the fashionable trend design concept and the interactive entertainment facilities with scientific sense to create a theme theater with broad international vision, using three-color laser projectors for you. 3D stereo, bright colors, clear images and excellent picture quality. Consumers here are not just watching movies, but more like experiencing a “extreme + unique” time travel.