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Film and Television

Mutual Creation Film and Television is an APP of the whole process and ecological chain service of the film and television industry launched by Mutual Creation World Business Group. It specializes in the field of film and television production and provides high-quality services for all the processes of film and television production. Mutual Creation is committed to building a mature film and television industry ecological chain, which protects all aspects of film and television works. In the pre-planning, we have built three core sectors: equipment rental service, post-production service and studio guidance rental service.


Up to now, more than 300 pieces of film and television equipment and external recording equipment for rent, such as cameras, Video cameras, lenses, scaffolding slides, aero craft and so on. This platform of Film and Television production process has been put forward by Mutual Creation Worldwide Business Group, which can be leased online, and update equipments and market price constantly.


Mutual Creation Film and Television cooperates with film and television platform of Jilin Animation Institute launching professional post-production platform studios which is including imitation studio, dialogue recording studio, mixing studio, audio editing room, Da Vinci color mixing studio, and editing studio for rental. To escort the post-production of film and television works, this platform is equipped with professional post-production staff supporting trade online.


Mutual Creation Film and Television can rent a wide range of studio photographic equipments. In addition to some well-known cameras, it mainly includes a variety of zoom lenses, fixed-focus lenses, flash lights, various filters, camera scaffolds, studio flash, lambency box, various lamp holders, reflector panels and umbrellas, external photographic lights, camera lights, quartz-lamps, lens caps, shades, tripods, unipod, camera cleaning appliances, shutter lines, etc. It can also rent imitation studio, dialogue recording studio , mixing studio and other professional studios directly.