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Introduction to Jiyun Cultural Entertainment Group Imaging Division

With the goal of “mobilizing light and shadow, manipulating color”, the Image Division is committed to creating a “personalized, differentiated, and technologically-oriented” visual art experience, capturing unusual beauty at the moment the shutter is pressed, and recording the heart. traces of. It will become a rare place for visual feasts. The gorgeous colors and fashion styles blend together to experience the unique visual impact. We insist on technological innovation and service innovation, reject the same shooting mode, and introduce the true artistic photography concept into the ordinary. Private image service. With breakthrough creative process, personalized innovation customization, differentiated imaging effects, and high-tech elements as the development direction of the business department. Strive to keep everything in the flash of light and shadow.

We will provide customers with 100% enthusiasm: wedding photography, wedding photography (travel shoot, studio shoot, exterior), family portrait photo (personal photo), family portrait family portrait photography, family photography travel, children photography (new students) Children, location, parent-child costume, animation theme), character photography (cosplay theme), commercial photography (activity shooting), documentary photography (high-end portrait photography), advertising photography (products, people), image follow-up, family culture microfilm / MV production, film theme high-tech green studio photography, high-tech green shed AR photography (video), high-tech green shed panoramic effects, cross-border video and video services.