Himakerlearning and research integration, online and offline integration

Based on abundant resources and current market demands, Interaction Innovation World provides education services in three industries, namely cartoon, animation, and design. Through online cooperation between Jilin Animation Institute and famous companies in this area and institutions of higher learning, the platform launches video courses relating to the production of cartoon, animation and design. It also provides growth management courses such as innovation and entrepreneurship, career planning, brand marketing for cultural and creative workers to make plan for their career. All these courses not only enable users to improve their professional skills, but also promote their development and soft power.


Interaction Innovation World knowledge platform gathers a large number of high-quality cartoon courses, from ABCs to professional ones, to help users systematically learn cartoon knowledge. It includes video made by well-known cartoonists to explain and share learning methods. Step by step, users will be introduced into professional knowledge. While cultivating cartoon ability, the platform also pays attention to the study of art foundation, including drawing, sketch, watercolor, color lead, illustration, propylene, oil painting, etc. Only by laying a solid foundation from the root can learners make rapid improvement in the subsequent cartoon production.


Interaction Innovation World platform has animation teaching resources from Jilin Animation Institute. The platform will present in-depth interpretation and analysis in the process of planning, script, style design, modelling design, scene design, playscript with stage directions, design draft, original painting, animation, as well as original painting, model, binding, light material, special effects, animation in three-dimensional animation through online video teaching and live broadcast, together with offline presentation and expert forum. In addition to teaching skills, it also cultivates learners’ interest in animation through various ways and provides many kinds of services such as study abroad for animation.


Based on practicality, Interaction Innovation World platform has successively launched graphic design, UI design, indoor design, video editing and other design courses. Starting from actual demands, the platform help learners quickly involve in the production work of relevant fields in a concise way through case analysis and systematic explanation. We have massive online tutorial resources and regular offline activities; domestic professional practitioners and experts will also be invited to make case analysis.