Himakerlearning and research integration, online and offline integration

Based on abundant resources and current market demands, Interaction Innovation World provides education services in three industries, namely cartoon, animation, and design. Through online cooperation between Jilin Animation Institute and famous companies in this area and institutions of higher learning, the platform launches video courses relating to the production of cartoon, animation and design. It also provides growth management courses such as innovation and entrepreneurship, career planning, brand marketing for cultural and creative workers to make plan for their career. All these courses not only enable users to improve their professional skills, but also promote their development and soft power.Interaction Innovation World sets up a media information platform to publicize and display relevant brand IP, companies, enterprises and college majors through publishing and updating news and information in the fields of animation, cartoon, game, film and television, design and other fields related to cultural creation. At the same time, relevant business demands will be reported deeply. Through this platform, Industry groups of all parties can precisely meet their demands including providing information in brand cooperation, talent recruitment, subcontracting, crowd-sourcing, industrial activities, etc.


Interaction Innovation World platform regularly publish and update news and information on animation, cartoon, game, film and television, design and other fields related to culture and creation, which includes hot spots broadcast, celebrity interviews, brand topics, academic activities, recruitment needs, school-enterprise cooperation, industrial activities, etc. While Offline activities related to innovation and entrepreneurship are held, demands of all parties in the above information will be effectively connected so as to achieve the goal of brand publicity and brand cooperation of all parties through online and offline combination.


Through the collection of industry information on the self-developed crowd-sourcing platform, Interaction Innovation World platform has gathered a large number of brand companies, production companies, research and development companies as well as institutions of higher learning, including ourselves, thus has a great capacity to undertake new works. Relying on the above-mentioned resources, the platform gathers the needs of employers across the country and mainly satisfy the demands of design, development and marketing. Professionals will guide the way to accept orders, and users can trade safely on this platform.


Interaction Innovation World independently develops project management platform that can classifies animation, cartoon, game, film and television, design and other related cultural and creative fields so as to make project management more efficient, simple and convenient. The software functions well in task management, file management, process management, communication system, statistical analysis, plug-in management. It’s easy to use and convenient to expand. Information collected through the information platform will be integrated and distributed by Interaction Innovation World platform. Other business groups of Jilin Animation Art Group can take over the development and production according to their own business.