Business AreaCovering all fields of Literary and Creative Industries

Himaker Business Group

“Himaker” Business Group Centering on the core culture of "innovation, creativity, excellence and entrepreneurship", “Himaker” Business Group fully mobilize entrepreneurial resources, tap entrepreneurial talents and teams, and promote joint entrepreneurship and integrated development of college students and society. We will establish a comprehensive system and service system for innovation and entrepreneurship, and establish an open platform for mutual innovation and capital in terms of transformation services, technology and equipment services, and resource docking services. Combination of "Himaker" youth creating innovative undertaking online service platform, and meet the demand of business in finance, marketing, personnel, create include project incubation, crowdsourcing products, online management operation innovation service platform for the integration of innovation, for enterprises and entrepreneurs to provide standardization of animation, comics, games, film and television industries, such as design the whole flow of basic supply service.

Interactive Entertainment Business Group

Interactive Entertainment Business Group Interactive Entertainment Business Group is an Internet entertainment business group, based on the Internet and centered with the technology research and development production, marketing operations and other business of digital entertainment products. Interactive Entertainment Business Group is committed to building high- quality Internet products with independent intellectual property rights. With the main concept of “high- tech creative products”, the core culture of products is based on “creative + technology + internet”, highlighting the characteristics concept of "personalized, family, life, folk customs, entertainment, international ". Facing with Internet and the users, it constantly develops high-quality products with strong market potential, and strive to forge ahead and enhance their own brands in the increasingly fierce market competition. On the basis of adhering to the production of high-quality content, we further improve the layout of the company's game industry and create a benign ecosystem of "content + platform".

Entertainment Business Group

Entertainment business group Entertainment Business Group is JAI Culture Arts Group’s new forms of operation in the cultural industry, it around the three intellectual development of "intelligence, wisdom, smart", as well as "build family culture, building a clan culture" at the core of the concept, with "Internet +" pattern, depth of fusion "education+ culture + technology + entertainment", to "ready to teach" and "right brain development" as the lead, build harmony culture creative incubation, interactive experience, consumer entertainment, business innovation, industry agglomeration in the integration of new market system.

Around the cultural industry innovation, family culture shape, education system creation and the interaction of science and technology experience, to build the seven system of cinema group, family culture group, dragon & phoenix college group, family interest education group, interactive experience of science and technology group, female beauty design group, theme restaurant group. We should give full play to our respective strengths and characteristics, realize the integration and innovation of cultural business forms, and create an emerging consumption mode that integrates "individual consumption, family consumption, cultural consumption, education consumption and scientific and technological consumption", so as to realize the in-depth integration of cultural industry and business.

IP Business group

IP Business group IP Business Group is builds an IP ecological chain of the whole industry, With the IP ecological chain as the axis, it links animation, film and television, game, design and other cultural and creative industries, with the principle of "IP gathering, user value, platform operation", use the head content acquisition as the core, in order to realize the IP business value in the transformation of trading as the main purpose, use JAI studios for support, with JAI Culture Art Group for transformation, with diversified channels for the carrier, based on the cooperation of project scheme, based on the Internet and mobile Internet, for cultivating star IP, and through multiple content forms as symbiosis, build public influence of two dimensions -entertainment culture consumption patterns.

Creative CreativeProduction Business Group

Creative CreativeProduction business group is guided by JAI Culture Arts Group’s strategic layout, which focuses on the development of animation film production, animation series, media content production and broadcasting, film and television special effects production, game development and art business, marketing of the cultural brand, and the creative production of the cultural arts industry project. With JAI Culture Arts Group as the backing, to take professional and technical advantages of JAI, with coordinated development mechanism to lead a high quality, high efficiency, high level of professional creative content production team, to service the culture art development demand, produce high quality works, to be creative content development and production leading role.

Film and Television Business Group

Film and Television Business Group is based on original film and television. Set the film and television project planning and management, animation creation, film creation, television and new media creation, film and television late service, film and television publicity and distribution, artist brokerage, derivative product development and sales and other multi-directional film and television industry chain.

Film and Television Business Group has completed the production and distribution of the 3D serial animated film “Frog Kingdom”. We are now screening serial film “the Classic of Mountains and Rivers”, animated film “Legend of Computer City”, etc. Meanwhile, “Dating Detective”, “The Dreaming Gate ” were also launched. These films and productions have won many awards including “National Five One Engineering Awards”, “Chinese Culture and Art Government Award”, “The 8h Asia Pacific Film Festival”, “Chinese Animated Film Tianma Cup”, “Golden Monkey King Award”and other domestically well-known awards.