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Introduction to the Catering Business Unit of Jidong Entertainment Group

The catering business department is the business sector of the Jidong Culture and Art Group's entertainment business group. It has 66° pizza workshops, Qiushi tea source clubs, bakery workshops, and theme hot pots.

Founded in August 2018, the 66° Pizza Workshop has a business area of ​​400 square meters and is a casual western restaurant specializing in pure Italian pizza. With the theme of “joy, leisure, social, taste”, the concept of catering provides consumers with exquisite and varied cuisine, casual and romantic environment and warm and thoughtful service, so that customers can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Founded in 2013, Qiu Shi Chayuan is a high-end tea club based on the long history of Chinese tea culture, with tea service, tea show, tea culture communication and exhibition, appreciation and exchange of various artworks. . It will be characterized by "elegant environment, high-level people, high-end service" and adhere to the business philosophy of "honesty, service-oriented, quality-oriented".

The main purpose of the clubhouse is to provide members and customers with a noble and elegant environment and perfect humanized service, to build a communication platform, information platform, display platform and leisure platform for successful people from all walks of life.

With a business area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters and elegant decoration, Qiushi Tea Factory is one of the 100 famous teahouses in the country. It is also the first choice for business negotiation and leisure gathering! The four seasons are companions, and the leisure is here.