Jilin Animation InstituteIntegration of Education, Research and Industry
Jilin Animation Institute (JAI)

As a pioneering cultural and innovative company, Jilin JAI Cultural Arts Group Co., Ltd. has continuously raised its comprehensive competitiveness of brand, aiming at cutting edge of international development. The all-round development of our company comes from the strong talent support from Jilin Animation Institute.

Established in June 2000, Jilin Animation Institute was approved to be a private undergraduate college by the Ministry of Education in 2008. JAI plans to arrange its innovation into a complete industrial chain, to set our position into integrated education-industry, to construct professional group with the help of industry community. JAI sets up majors according to five chief systems including Animation& Game, Film& Television, Design, Virtual Reality& Artificial Intelligence, Art and Commercial Management& Brand Marketing.JAI has twelve schools .They are School of Animation Art, School of Comics, School of Game, School of Virtual Reality, School of Design, School of Industrial Design, School of TV and New Media, School of Film, School of Cinema Art, School of International Visual Effects, School of Creative Industry and School of Civil Aviation. Thirty-three majors including Animation, Comics, Digital Media Arts, Visual Communication Design, etc. has been opened for students around the world. Since the establishment, JAI has cultivated more than 40,000 talents with high professional skills, strong ability of practice, deep cultural foundation and aesthetic knowledge. Now more than 12,000 undergraduates are studying in JAI. Jilin JAI Cultural Arts Group Co., Ltd. is a great channel to deliver both talents and intellectual power from Jilin Animation Institute.